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Air Transport Solidarity Fund: mandatory declarations of beneficiaries

Publication: 21/12/2021

This service enables the online receipt and consultation of the mandatory declarations made by the beneficiaries of the Air Transport Fund (Solidarity Fund for air transportation and the airport system sector).

This service is intended for the beneficiaries of the Air Transport Fund and for the patronage institutes that can transmit the declarations on behalf of the beneficiary or directly from the latter.

After accessing the service, using own credentials, it is possible to transmit to the Institute mandatory declarations SR83 and SR85 concerning the benefits provided by the Fund.

The self-certification of new work activity (Form SR83) is relevant for the purposes of the forfeiture of the main benefits of the Extraordinary Wage Compensation Fund (CIGS), Mobility, ASpI, NASpI, and related supplementary benefits, as well as integration of duration for workers in the aviation or airport sector.

The self-certification contained in Form SR85, on the other hand, determines the suspension of the relevant public benefit as well as of that supplementary provided by the Air Transport Fund.

Through this service, users can also view previously submitted communications and manage the various documents.