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INPS Responds

Publication: 21/12/2021

INPS Responds is the service that allows you to submit INPS claims for regulatory clarifications or information on services and practices. It is also possible to monitor the processing status of claims, verifying the status of those made through the Contact Centre operators and sorted at the relevant regional offices (INPS Line).

The service is aimed at all users.

INPS Responds is an integral part of the electronic system for managing relations with users and can be used as an alternative to the Contact Centre. When operators cannot process the user's claim, they generate an INPS Line query and forward it to the relevant structure.

If the user accesses the INPS Responds service by logging in with his/her credentials he/she can use the search functions to consult both the list and the status of claims sent through the INPS Responds service, and the list of claims waiting to be answered, sent through the Contact Centre operators to the INPS facilities. Finally, users can claim an answer to a question on the INPS Line, if they have not received a reply within 15 days.

Replies will be sent by email to the address stated in the claim entry template. It is advised to also state your telephone number for any clarifications relating to the query made. Any documents or certificates claimed will be sent by priority mail.

The INPS Responds service is also available for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with IOS and Android operating systems.