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Subsidies Portal (formerly DiResCo)

Publication: 21/12/2021

The Subsidies Portal (ex DiResCo) allows to sign the main responsibility statements online and to receive, in real time, a suitable response to the communication.

Companies, consultants and professionals can access the Portal.

Frequently, employers must submit a responsibility statement on the fulfilment of the conditions provided for by the relevant legislation on handling of specific obligations. The procedure that can be carried out through the Portal represents, in this sense, a remarkable innovation and simplification in the management of this fulfilment for the external user, who can access all the certifications made (for the same employer) via different intermediaries, and for the head office operator, which can consult and manage the information flows of all the declarations relating to the employer without having to file and sort hard-copy claims.

The responsibility statements that can be signed online are listed under "Responsibility Statements" on the homepage.