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Financing of training programmes for dependent workers of companies registered with solidarity funds, in situations of corporate crisis or restructuring

Publication: 01/03/2022

It is a benefit provided by solidarity funds, governed by Articles 26 and following of Italian Legislative Decree No. 148 of 14 September 2015, which provide income support instruments in the event of suspension or termination of work activities of dependent workers employed by companies belonging to sectors not covered by the legislation on wage subsidy.

The financing of training programmes is a service for dependent workers registered under the:

  • Poste Italiane Fund;
  • Cooperative Credit Fund;
  • Insurance Fund;
  • Credit Fund.

The Poste Italiane SpA and Poste Italiane Group companies in which Poste Italiane SpA has a controlling interest can benefit from the services of the Poste Italiane Fund. Dependent workers of companies with banking license, of companies of air transport and express courier activities are excluded from the benefit.

In the Cooperative Credit Fund, benefits are payable to all dependent workers of companies that are required to apply and who apply the national collective agreements signed by Federcasse and workers' trade unions. Executive managers are excluded from the service.

In the Insurance Fund, benefits are payable to all dependent workers, with the exception of managers, insurance companies (regardless of how they are named and duly constituted) and assistance companies. The benefit also pertains to dependent workers of companies controlled by the aforementioned companies, whether they carry out activities that are instrumental or connected with the activities of insurance, reinsurance or assistance, and to personnel employed by sector institutions or trade associations in the insurance and assistance sectors, if a joint claim for admission to the Fund is submitted by the company and the trade unions and this claim receives a favourable opinion from the Fund's management committee.

In the Credit Fund all workers may benefit from contributions, including managers, dependent workers of companies in the Credit sector who are already within the scope of the pre-existing solidarity fund governed by Decree-law No. 158 of 28 April 2000.


Fundable training programmes cannot usually be longer than 12 months.


For training programs, the contribution is equal to the gross payment due to the workers concerned for hours not worked and destined for the implementation of training programmes, reduced by any funding granted by the specific national or European Union funds.


It is possible to appeal to the Committee itself within 90 days of notification of the resolution against the measures adopted by the Management Committee.


To access training programmes, workers must be recipients, within the corporate processes that modify the working conditions of personnel, of a company agreement concerning training programmes for the conversion or professional re-qualification.


The claim for training support and other ordinary income support measures must be submitted electronically by the company through the dedicated service (circular no. 122 of 17 June 2015).

The claim will be taken into consideration, on a quarterly basis, by the fund's management committee that decides on the granting of the payment contributions according to the chronological order in which claims are submitted, the funds available and also on the basis of any priorities expressed by the management committee itself.