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Unemployment as an unemployed Italian workers returning to Italy after periods of work overseas

Publication: 01/03/2022

The unemployment for unemployed Italian workers returning to Italy after periods of work overseas constitutes benefits calculated on the basis of the stipulated wages established by annual ministerial decrees.

The allowance is aimed at Italian nationals who have worked overseas in either an EU or non-EU country that may or may not have a special arrangement with Italy, who are unemployed because they have been dismissed or because their seasonal employment contract was not renewed by their overseas employer and who returned to Italy after 1 November 1974.


The allowance will come into effect: as of the day the unemployed Italian worker returns to Italy, provided they have declared their availability for work to the employment centre within seven days of returning to Italy; as of the day they declare their immediate availability for work, when this is declared between the eighth and 30th day after they return to Italy.

The allowance can be paid out for up to 180 days.


The benefit amount is calculated on the basis of the stipulated wages of the year in which the benefits may be awarded. These wages are determined by annual ministerial decrees (for 2016, INPS Circular No 23 of 9 February 2016).

The allowance will be paid out directly by the INPS by crediting the amount to the beneficiary's current bank or post office account or book, or via transfer to the post office within the Postal Sending Code (CAP) of the claimant's place of residence or home address.

According to the legal provisions in force, public institutions cannot make payments in cash for benefits of a net amount exceeding EUR 1,000.

For benefits to be paid into a current bank account or post office account, details of the payments office from which the claimant intends to collect the benefits and the IBAN number for their bank or post office account must also be provided.


To access the benefit, the worker must have returned to Italy within 180 days of the date of termination of the employment relationship and must declare their immediate availability for work within 30 days of returning to Italy.

Workers who receive the unemployment allowance may also claim the family allowance, in accordance with the requirements stipulated for dependent workers.


Claims are not subject to any submission deadlines and claim submission dates have no implications for the effective term of the allowance. For a first-time claim, the duration of overseas employment is irrelevant. For any further claims, employed work must have been undertaken for at least 12 months, seven of which must have been overseas.

Unemployed Italian workers returning to Italy from a state in which EU legislation applies (EU countries, EEA countries - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - and Switzerland) must include the U1 portable document to show insurance contribution periods, the date and reason for termination of the employment and the title of the worker, as well as all documentation as evidence of overseas employment (employment contract, payslips, etc.).

If they do not have the U1 portable document, the competent INPS office will claim the information required directly from the overseas institution.

Unemployed Italian workers returning to Italy from a country without an arrangement with Italy must enclose with their claim a declaration from their overseas employer or the competent consular authority as evidence of their dismissal or to show that their contract was not renewed.


Claims must be submitted online to the INPS using the appropriate service.

Alternatively, claims can be made through:

  • the contact centre on 803 164 (free for landline calls from Italy) or on +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • patronage institutes and intermediaries of the institute, using the electronic services that these provide.