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Payments to redundant workers recipients of benefits bridging to retirement for employers paying financial coverage until pension and their consultants

Publication: 23/02/2022

“Benefits of financial coverage until retirement (solidarity funds) and benefits bridging to retirement" allows to consult the data relating to the monthly amounts of benefits.

The service is intended for employers paying a financial coverage until retirement of their redundant employees and their consultants, credited by INPS for payment of the early retirement benefits and pension support.

As established by Hermes message no. 2256 of 20 May 2016, bank transfers must contain the string "ESXNNNNAAAAMM" in the “reason for payment field” in the first 13 characters.

  • ES: fixed element, identifies payments for workers owners of early retirement benefits.
  • X: type of payment code. The following must be reported:
    • C for the current instalment and any downward changes;
    • T for instalments accrued and not collected (RMNR);
    • S for annual management costs.
  • NNNN: the four-digit numeric code assigned to the body providing financial coverage to (voluntary) early retirements claims during the accreditation phase.
  • AAAA: the payment year relative to the payment receipt.
  • MM: the payment month relative to the payment receipt.

To access the Portal, the company or body must enable one or more operators using the profile: "institution providing financial coverage to (voluntary) early retirements claims".

The service provides the following features:

  • management of accredited institutes archive. It allows to enter and update data of the accredited employer;
  • payments. It allows the employer to monitor the state of payments of the monthly early benefit to workers affected by the early retirement procedure;
  • user manual. Accessible via the help icon, for instructions on how to use the service.