What the employer must do



If the worker is injured in an accident while carrying out domestic work, the employer must (after providing first aid as anyone would be expected to do), report the incident to the National Industrial Accident Insurance Institute (Istituto Nazionale Assicurazione contro le Infortuni sul Lavoro - INAIL), in accordance with the following deadlines and rules:

  • within 24 hours, by telegram, in the case of accidents causing death;
  • within two days of receipt of the accident certificate, in the case of injuries which are not expected to heal within three days; 
  • the public safety authority must also be notified, by the same deadlines;
  • full wages must be paid for the first three days off work;
  • the job must be held open for a number of days which depends on the length of service:
    - 10 days if the length of service is less than six months;
    - 45 days between six months and two years;
    - 180 days, if the length of service exceeds two years.

For guidance on the law and regulations, and on how to report accidents:

To download the Report Form:

What the worker must do


The worker must countersign the Accident Report Form prepared by the employer, in order to receive the following benefits as appropriate from INAIL.

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