Who counts as a domestic worker?


Who counts as a domestic worker?


A domestic worker is anyone who provides labour on an ongoing basis for meeting the needs of the employer’s domestic life: for instance, home help, baby sitters, housekeepers, maids, cooks, & c. 
This also includes those who work at such tasks in religious communities (convents, seminaries), military barracks and HQs, and nonprofit establishments whose main function is caring: orphanages, old people’s homes, &c. 



 Hiring National Insurance, 13th month’s pay, Annual Leave

Legitimate domestic worker’s rights

What to do about Sickness, Accident, and Maternity



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Trattamento di fine rapporto: somma che il datore di lavoro deve corrispondere al proprio dipendente alla cessazione del rapporto, corrispondente alla sommatoria delle quote di retribuzione accantonate e rivalutate annualmente.

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