Once the necessary documents have been obtained, employer and worker agree the terms of the written contract of employment they are going to sign.



The contract


For details about agreeing a contract of employment refer to:

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How to make hiring official


From 29 January 2009 the notification of hiring must be presented to the INPS within the end of the day (12 a.m.) before that of establishment of the employment relationship (even if holiday). The notification becomes effective also for the appropriate Services: the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Health, the Workers Compensation Authority, as well as the Prefettura - Territorial Government Office.

The INPS must be notified:

 - even for the trial period; 
 - whatever the working hours;
 - even if the work is casual or intermittent;
 - even if the worker is already insured by another employer;
 - even if the worker is already insured for some other job;
 - even if the worker is a foreign national;
 - even if the worker is a pensioner.


Notification is compulsory also on extension, conversion (from fixed term to permanent contract or whereas the activity is done in an employer's location different from the one previously declared) and cessation of the employment relationship. In these cases, the INPS must be notified within five days from the event. Changes in elements of the employment relationship which are used to calculate contributions - such as: pay, working hours, worked weeks, etc. - must also be notified. Changes concerning pay and working hours are subject to a maximum limit of two communications for each quarter, while there are no limits for all other communications that have no effect on the calculation of the contributions to be payed. 


The cancellation of a declaration of hiring is allowed within five days from the date specified as the beginning of the employment relationship. Once this term has been exceeded, cessation must be notified.


From April 2011, the employer for domestic work can perform the registration and any possible variation (having provided the PIN for the access) by:

  • calling the toll-free number 803.164 (Contact Center), both for the registration and for further variations, providing the required data. Communications without pre-identification with PIN will be accepted till 30 September 2011, and the operator will help issuing the PIN;
  • using the Internet procedure to fill in the form and send it online (www.inps.it).


Under the existing rules, the computer program does not accept notifications concerning employment relationships between husband and wife, except in case of disability recognised with accompanying benefits to the spouse-employer. On the other hand, the proof of employment is required when the worker is either the employer's parent, child, sibling, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece.


The INPS Offices can carry out the expected checks of the statement provided by the employer under his/her own responsibility.

The paper forms for domestic work communications may be used only until March 31, by exhibiting or sending them to the INPS Offices.,


If the employer aims to hire a domestic worker with an occasional accessory contract (kind of contract described in the so-called Biagi Act, valid also for domestic work), he/she does not have to follow necessarily the previous procedure. The accessory contract is ruled by means of the so-called vouchers, which already contain the salary and the contributions for INPS and INAIL.




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