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social security on the move


As part of the European Project 'Social Security on the Move’ (ref. VS/2011/0309), promoted by the INPS and part-financed by the European Union, Ffour peer review meetings were organized.


Peer reviews gatheredpartners’ representatives as well as local stakeholders, aiming at fostering mutual learning and exchange of experiences.

For each of the envisaged peer review meeting a short discussion paper, drafted by the host partner as a key input for the discussion, was prepared: it briefly summarizes the most critical issues arising from the analysis conducted, describes the intervention area, its background, its strengths and weaknesses.


The synthesis reports of the Peer Reviews will be integrated in the Project Handbook.


Peer review meetings:


Rome: Final Conference, 25th January 2013


Timisoara: Peer Review, 3rd December 2012


Warsaw: Peer Review, 15-16 November 2012:


Prague Peer Review and Steering Committee, 11-12 october 2012


Budapest Peer Review, 6-7 september 2012


Rome Kick off Meeting, 5 december 2011