Project deliverables

social security on the move


In this section you will find most of the documents and outputs that have been produced through project activities. They are presented according to the project phase during which they have been prepared.


The first phase of the project was devoted to the collection of evidence about:

  1. the implementation of the new Regulations (EC) Nos 883/2004 and 987/2009 in the five countries object of study (Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania); 
  2. the main characteristics of the social security systems according to selected dimensions (pensions, disability and survivor pensions, unemployment benefits, family benefits, means tested benefits, maternity (paternity) and sickness benefits) and the entitlements to each typology of benefit; 
  3. the obstacles for the free movement of workers and citizens that might derive from the diversity of social security arrangements among different countries.

This section of the website shows the outputs of this phase for each of the five countries: 


The second phase of the project was devoted to the identification of a sample of individual biographies for assessing the portability of pension benefits – see section “Simulations” in English language

The third phase was dedicated to the Mutual learning process - see section “Events and news

The fourth phase was devoted to the synthesis and dissemination of results, at raising general awareness and promote information about the rights and obligations of EU citizens when exercising the right of free movement.


The following project deliverables were produced in each partner language:

This handbook is a synthesis of the main lessons learned during the project.





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